Don’t Make Payment the END

Payment is an area of business development that organisations frequently overlook.


It is not just the end of a chapter or transaction. It should be the continuation of a story, of a business relationship, whether B2B or B2C.

We should all be aware that the first impression is very important in developing a business relationship – though appearance, first words and contact.

This is often maintained with the last impression. For example, at the end of the meeting we shake hands, maintain eye contact and agree our future communications.

However, the payment is often forgotten as a part of the process that can have a major impact on maintaining a continuing business relationship, or just having the one, or even, no transaction.

What could possibly go wrong:

  • Do not accept card payments
  • The value on the payment system is incorrect
  • Do not take contactless payment
  • Do not take payment online
  • Online payment crashes

To name but a few.

The (prospective) client could enjoy a wonderful shop, enjoy the food and service at the restaurant or have filled their shopping cart online. However, if the payment system does not live up to the same standards, they may not buy, will not buy again and, certainly, will not recommend you to others.

Working with Paymentsense, LongServices can review your payment system so payment can be the beginning, not the end.

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