Carl has three decades of business experience, both in general management and business development. He has worked from domestic to international corporate board level. This includes opening new businesses in Germany.

The majority of Carl’s experience has been at the “front-end” (“I’m a salesman”) of business development. He was also the European financial controller for a US-based organisation at the age of 21. In addition to giving Carl a good background to business. It meant he understood the importance of all aspects of a business and its supply chain in business development.

Experience ranges across many industrial sectors: IT, financial services, professional services, hospitality, oil and gas, textile, domestic and public sector. Carl has the ability to quickly understand business in other sectors.

Carl’s work has often been IT related, but not IT dictated. Carl has concentrated on making IT fit and add value to the business, rather than the business having to fit the IT. This is especially important to all organisations as the digital age evolves.

This has meant that Carl has a strong level of business understanding.  He is able to apply this both to the company and existing and potential clients.

Carl has added the card payment services of Paymentsense to the portfolio of business development aids offered by LongServices. Payment is an important phase in business development, but is often overlooked.

Payment is key in the relationship with a client. Therefore, it is an important part of the organisation’s business development.

He is now reflecting on his experience in the writing and publishing of “Time to Big Me Up”. Drawing on 30 years business experience, and overcoming a life changing event