Business Development is not just about selling more. It is about continually improving elements throughout the business. These can be in areas such as customer and supplier service, staff morale and contributions to the community.

Carl has been working in business development for over 30 years. From a very early stage he recognised that it is not just about selling a product to a customer. Most importantly he always wanted to understand and embrace all elements in the supply chain.

The ideal development was (and is) for multiple businesses and individuals, not just a win or a win:win. As a result, the business development is more likely to be sustainable.

Business development is not always going to be positive. However, by evaluating the negatives, greater success can be achieved in the future. In other words, learning from mistakes prevents failure.

Additionally, the “digital age” affects all businesses in many ways both internally and throughout their supply chain. Carl is able to identify and prioritise the “digital impacts”. Therefore, achieving gains be this in sales/marketing or operational efficiency.

Contact LongServices to see how we can help you achieve the right business development:

  • Identify and hit the right targets
  • Get the right mix between existing customers and new business
  • Have the right supply chain
  • Internal communication and procedures
  • Evaluating outcomes against your business and marketing plan and making the necessary adaptions

LongServices can review business development as a one-off audit or be involved in a continual review and advisory basis.